About K.F. Bradshaw

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my site!

Enchanters is the product of several years of concepting, world-building, writing, and on occasion, banging my head against a wall. Back when I first started it, the story was quite different as were the characters--many of them didn't even exist or if they did, it was in a very different form. Even Damea looked a bit different. Fun fact: the setting of Damea itself is nearly twenty years old!

On writing and representation
I've always been a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction. Growing up, I was often frustrated that there were not enough of these stories that starred realistic female characters, and even less that depicted LGBTQ representation as normalized.


While I agree that "coming out stories" are hugely important, I believe it is just as important to have queer characters in stories where their motivations, desires, and plot arcs have absolutely nothing to do with their orientation or identity. 

A bit about me
I'm a 30-something from California and spend most days as a programmer and most nights writing stories, composing music, playing video games, and directing a game of my own (you'll have to ask me about it if you want to know more)! I love creating, though I am usually quite shy about sharing the things I create. I am also rather gay and am happily married to a lovely lady who is a lot better at video games than me.

Contacting Me
I am on social media, mostly Twitter and Tumblr, so feel free to follow me there.


Business inquiries, interview requests, fanmail, and other questions can be sent to contact@enchantersnovels.com or I've got a handy form below you can use, too.

Free Books
While buying my books is one way to support me, I know there are many who can't afford or can't purchase my books due to reasons out of their control. That's okay! 


If you are in a situation where you really want to read my work but are not able to buy Enchanters, send me an email or a private message on social media explaining your situation. I am happy to share the series with you at no cost, though it would be really great if you left me a rating or review afterward! Reviews help me get Enchanters on book lists, which go further to support me down the road. 

Where to leave reviews
Any place where you can purchase the book is a good start, but Amazon and Goodreads tend to be the most visible. 

Book Bloggers and ARCs
If you are a book reviewer or blogger and would like to read the Enchanters trilogy, I am happy to send you the series at no cost in exchange for an honest review. I do ask that you tell me a bit about yourself and the kinds of books you enjoy reviewing. 

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